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Housing with 60 Scenes

This housing project mediates two different street conditions; one facing the pedestrian street and the other facing the park, Emerald Necklace. Inserting new housing programs on the given site will provide a great view toward the park for the inhabitants, while allowing visual and physical connections to the park at the public level. 

Facades on the park side scatters to take advantage of the view. Facades on the street side of the residential area has a compact appearance complying with its neighboring residential buildings. Spreading out aggregation of units will enhance a view toward the Emerald Necklace for the residents, while public corridors along the courtyard will enable the visual and physical connections to the park for public use. 



First Prize, Boston Society of Architects Housing Award 2009, BSA/AIA

Honorable Mention, MA Prize 2011 by Modern Atlanta


Project Information

Architect: Jungmin Nam

Advisor: Kimberly Ackert

Location: Jamaica Plain, MA, US

Type: Housing project

Design Period: Spring 2007

Status: Concept Design