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Unfolding Concert Hall

Concert Hall Continued Experience from Ground

The proposed concert hall becomes the extension of the existing pedestrian path in the park. The movement of visitors will continue to shape the concert hall as a sloping landscape from the ground. The building’s proposed form and landscape area intended as an urban intervention which will serve as continuous ramps in and out, anchoring the convert hall to the existing park condition and further to the city network.

The concert hall is designed based on the vineyard configuration, which is also requested by the ‘Philharmonie de Paris’ for their new concert hall. The vineyard configuration will provide unobstructed sightlines and frequency response for all audience. Seating areas are arranged to take advantage of the reflection walls, surrounding them. Also these reflection walls delineate the seating areas. Visitor’s experience culminates at the concert hall. Convert hall interior walls are folding toward inside to create the reflective acoustic walls and eventually to define seating areas. 



Winner, World Architecture Community Awards, the 6th Cycle 2010


Project Information

Architect: Jungmin Nam

Advisor: Brendan Macfarlane, Dominique Jacob

Location: Paris, France

Type: Concert Hall (a new concert hall of the Philharmonie de Paris)

Design Period: Fall 2007

Status: Concept Design


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